Beginner Spinning Class

Beginner Spinning Class

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Beginner Spinning Class with Elana Goodfellow

Elana Goodfellow has been hand spinning for eleven years and is in her final year of the Master Spinner Certification from Olds College. Elana’s passion is exploring, continuing and revitalizing the art and craft of the past. Teaching and sharing hand spinning techniques is part of that journey.

You can find Elana on Instagram at @twotimesfinity.

Sunday, October 20; 9:30 am to 12:00 pm and Sunday, October 27; 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

This four and a half hour class will get you started learning to spin.

Here is what you will learn in class:

First Class:

How to park-and-draft 

How to spin a continuous yarn using a short-forward-draw

How to switch bobbins (for wheels with this capability)

How to remove single from bobbin (for wheels that do not have this capability)

Second Class:

How to ply from bobbins (for wheels where the bobbins can be removed)

How to ply using other equipment (for wheels where the bobbin cannot be removed); a yarn bowl, a clean flower pot, a shoebox


Students need to bring their own spinning wheel

Please note: The first half an hour of the first class will be used to ensure wheels are in working order prior to beginning the class.

200g fibre supplied with class fee